The Rise Of Bob Wifi (Superhero Novel)

AAHHHHHH! I’m falling down! Why am I falling? Let’s take it back to a few moments ago.

Hi! My name is Bob Wifi, and I can’t live without Wi-Fi. I spend an average of 23 hours on a screen. But one day, I was on my phone (as usual) when I got an email. This email was about the new 6G release!

I was asked to speak at the release because I was one of the consultants who helped make 6G. While boarding the plane I saw two of the famous heroes and some other security guards I have never seen before. Their uniform looked very dodgy, but I didn’t mind as long as there was Wi-Fi on the plane. On the trip there, though, my plane started shaking. I thought that because I was on a private jet it would be smoother, but nope: it was bumpier. But then I saw the security guards wearing masks.( I knew that their uniform was dodgy. One of the buttons was dark blue instead of black). I knew that couldn’t be good. It would be like the time I nearly lost my phone—but worse.

The whole front part of the plane flew off. I NEARLY LOST MY PHONE!!! The other 5 passengers and I were still on the plane. Three of them were masked and carrying guns—and there was the rest of us. Well, I was stuck with stupid heroes and all those people, but no one cares about them. This is bad… My Wi-Fi signal has gone down by one bar!

But then, I fell out of the plane and I saw water beneath me! I was gonna die. And I was still falling. Oh wait—I had water beneath me. I looked down to try land in the water and not on the island. By the looks of it, I was gonna live! But my phone. It will break in the water! I looked at my phone and reached out my hand. Then I looked up. I saw that three of the other passengers were holding guns and they had parachutes and were wearing all black. I looked back down at the superheroes. Hmm. I thought for a while and realised. I had nothing to fear. EXCEPT FOR THE FACT THAT MY PHONE WAS GONNA BREAK!

As soon as I hit the water I swam to a life jacket that had fallen out of the plane beside me and I checked my phone. My phone had a protective layer around it for some reason!? It was like a light pink jelly. I tried to eat it when it got out of the water, but it just disappeared, so I put it back in the water and there it was again. I tried to eat it under water and wow it tasted great! I grabbed my phone but as I was doing so a man with a gun started shooting at me. My phone was flung out of my hand. I threw out my arms trying to reach it. Then I saw that the phone was staying there, hanging mid-air. I moved my hand left and then right. Up and then down. It was following my hand command!

One of the heroes ran (at god speed) towards me. He whispered in my ear, “I think you have a power too!”

I thought about that for a while. This could be true. They do call me Superman (in the super hero games I play on my computer). So, I lifted up my hand and I started flying!

‘Bob? Bob? Wake up!’

Where was I? The hero slapped me. He told me that after he told me about how I might have a power, I started trying to fly. Then, I started to drown because I couldn’t fly. I looked around at the other side and saw that there was a huge wall made out of sand.

I asked, ‘How did you build the wall so fast?’ Then I realised that the other hero was the famous Enviroman. I was stuck on this island with no reception, but with God-speed and Enviroman!

I still had no service, though. I got up and checked my phone. There was no service. I tapped my phone but still no service. I started hitting my phone harder. Still no service! I whacked my phone and screamed out, ‘I WANT SERVICE!’

I looked up and dropped to my knees. I was halfway crying and screaming when I realised…I did have Wi-Fi. I gaped at my screen. And my mobile data was so long it looked something like this: 324268915643715687532618546837152674358615786352671547863G. But a few million more numbers. There were so many numbers that the numbers kept on scrolling because it couldn’t fit at the top! My phone was running so fast.

Everyone around me (the heroes, that is) thought that I was a hacker! They said, ‘Hey, I will report you for hacking the Wi-Fi! Unless… you give me some of that Wi-Fi!’

I tapped their phones and again there sprung up so many numbers! I was holding Godspeed’s phone in my palm when I asked him, ‘What’s your password?’ He said he won’t tell me and so I couldn’t continue to reset his phone. But I held his phone harder and then. I saw everything. I saw everything on his phone! All his files and all his passwords; I even opened an app with just my mind. I could hack into phones.

Maybe this worked with everything? I tried to get the shattered TV that had fallen out of the plane to work. I thought, I can fix it. I gave up. It wouldn’t work. I ran to pick up my phone again when all of a sudden, I heard music. I looked back. The TV was working! I did it. I could fix all electronic devices.

I thought about the bad guys I saw. Just then I saw one of their phones. It was the newest supreme non-explosive Samsing T7. Then, all of a sudden, the same thing happened. I could see everything on his phone. I decided that since I was already in there, I might as well try find out their powers. I called this my revenge for them blowing down my plane and making me end up in this horrible place. Now I have to buy a new plane. I looked on his phone and I saw a text. It said, HE CAN SHAPESHIFT!!! Damn! They were the famous Shiftakular and Shapetakular brothers.

But I thought they were good guys? Hmm. Maybe Wikipedia wasn’t that reliable. I quickly changed the article in my head. Now, back to business. I continued looking through his phone and WOAH!!! He is scared of cats?! I tried to find even more info. The more I searched through his phone the weirder things got. He turns himself into soap and the cuts himself, so he doesn’t have to pay for soap? This is one weird person. I mean, if I could shapeshift. I would never change into soap. I would change into a… PHONE!!!

Eventually I found everything I could, and there was nothing else to find on his phone. I tried to find the other person’s phone as well and find out more things about him. But all I could find was the same thing. I told Godspeed, but he was too impatient and so I told enviroman. Enviroman understood me better than Godspeed. And he decided that I should try to use my power to control both their phones and bring them to me. I thought of the phone in my mind. After a few minutes I eventually saw the phone above Enviroman’s sand wall.

It worked! Well after a few years it worked. Ok, maybe not a few years how about a few decades! Took so long.

After we got their phones we heard a loud shout.

‘I think they are angry,’ I said. Godspeed just ran away. When he was back, I asked him where he went. He told us that he tied them up to a tree. I didn’t believe him, so I slowly got the phone and used it like a drone. Do you know what I saw? Yep! THEY WERE TIED TOGETHER AGAINST A TREE!!! I walked up towards them and started using their phones in front of them.

That was a bad idea because I forgot they could shapeshift. They both turned into water and back, and then they turned into Godspeed and Enviroman. Now I was in trouble. I didn’t know who is who and that can be a big problem.

I tried to find out who was the right person so that I could,  you know, NOT BE KILLED! I kinda wanna live so that I can use my phone. I tried to do a bunch of tests, but I knew nothing about both of them except…

I got on my phone and searched up a picture of a cat. I showed it to all of them. 3 of them ran away. But one of them stayed. That’s weird. There were 2 heroes and 2 villains? Why are 3 of them running?

Someone tapped my on my shoulder it was Enviroman. Wait, what!? Godspeed was scared of cats as well?! No wonder he didn’t want me going through his phone. Now we have to find out who is the real Godspeed. wait a minute. Why couldn’t I have just told god speed to use his power and run super-fast. Well I think I didn’t do that because that would be B…O…R…I…N…G Zzzzzzzzz. And on the shows, I always watch they never do that, so why should I? Well I guess I should do it so that I can find out who is who faster, but then that would mean that I can’t have the fun of investigating. Enviroman really wanted me to just find out who was who so that we could get home faster, but I really didn’t care. So, I decided to do what’s best…

I just told them to run. Godspeed ran super-fast and while he was at it, HE WAS CREATING GLASS USING THE SAND!!! So, I just told Godspeed(Screamed) to build a glass barrier around them. I watched the whole thing happen. Obviously, using my phone. I was filming it as well. But I forgot one thing. I got Enviroman to sculpt a cat facing the Shiftakular and Shapetakular brothers. They were freaking out but so was Godspeed. I didn’t realise my mistake until I saw glass everywhere. Enviroman had quick thinking because he quickly built a wall to separate us again. Poor god speed slammed into the wall, luckily on our side.

When helicopters finally arrived (after 5 days, because they were looking for us) we jumped on the heli before it had even finished landing but the shapeshifters also got on. How did they get on? Well. They turned themselves into hammers, so they could hit their way out. That must have hurt their head. They quickly climbed on and one of them turned into a gun. They were about to shoot. There was nothing that Enviroman could do and Godspeed was too scared to do anything because he didn’t want to fall of the heli so I (as the usual hero I am) sacrificed their phones to block the bullets. All I had to do was get both phones (one over another). I use the phones to  block up the hole where the bullets were meant to come out. The bullets just hit the phone (not mine). I used the phone that I was already controlling to knock them off the plane. They fell off back onto the island…

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