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Year 11 and Year 12 HSC Japanese Beginners Tutor

Hajimemashite! [Hello, nice to meet you!]

The HSC Japanese YK Tutoring is for students who absolutely love Japanese or who think it’s cool to learn another language.

Students can expect clarity on how to study for HSC Beginners Japanese
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With all of our past students receiving at least a band 5 for HSC Japanese

and 90% of our students receiving a band 6 and even NSW State Ranks,

you can be confident that our YK tips, strategies, and mindset will help you regardless of whether you are taking HSC Beginner Japanese, HSC Continuer Japanese, HSC Extension Japanese

Year 11 Japanese Overview

Don't be confused about how to study HSC Japanese anymore!

Why should you choose HSC Japanese Tutoring at YK?

One of the biggest differences with us is that YK Education is run by an NSW Qualified high school teacher who also has HSC marking experience so you can be confident that the tips you receive from her are valid and reliable. 


  • Start from the foundation of Hiragana, Katakana, and grammar structures and build up from there so that you can compose your own sentences. Language is extra fun when you can use it!
  • Lessons are conducted in the Japanese language so that students can develop their listening and speaking skills through their 90 minute study time. We adjust our language to our student’s level and slowly increase the complexity of our output as we speak to the class. I.e. how we speak to year 11 students will be different to how we speak to year 12 students.
  • Get help with your school assessments. Learn HSC study tips, Japanese speaking and writing tips and exam strategies.
  • Receive accurate feedback on your writing and speaking from a Japanese language point of view (sensei is a native Japanese speaker with full marks for Japanese Language Proficiency Test 1) and also from HSC marking point of view.

We don’t want Japanese to be simply a “subject they study at school”.

Laguage learning is such a special experience. We want students to enjoy being immersed in Japanese language and culture.

Japanese is taught in Japanese so students understand that “language is a communication tool”.

HSC Japanese Beginners Tutors Sydney
HSC Tutors Sydney - YK Education
HSC Japanese Tutors Sydney

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Year 11 HSC Japanese Syllabus information

Year 11 HSC Beginners Japanese Syllabus Overview

This course is intended for students who do not have prior learning in Japanese or those who studied for 100 hours or less in year 7, 8, 9, or 10.

Students learn the three writing systems of Japanese: Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji (list in the links below)

There are 4 skills to master in HSC Beginners Japanese, just like when people learn any language. HSC Beginners Japanese 2.5 hour-exam breakdown is as follows:

  1. Listening and responding (Respond in English)
  2. Reading and responding (Respond in English)
  3. Writing (3 tasks with 100ji, 150ji and 250ji)
  4. Speaking (5-minute conversation)

[Refer to page 12 of the HSC Beginner Japanese Syllabus or skim through the HSC Beginner Japanese Past Paper if you’d like to learn more. Links below.]

Other facts to note:

  • Students are allowed monolingual and/or bilingual dictionaries during the examination.
  • There is no prescribed vocabulary list but students learn strategies from YK to ensure that they are prepared for any Japanese examination.
HSC Japanese Tutors Sydney
HSC Japanese Tutors Sydney

HSC Japanese Beginners

90 minutes per week inlcuding 30min Revision quiz, 40min Grammar study, 20min Skills develpment
$ 1000+GST Per Term
  • Tips, strategies, mindset to approach HSC Japanese
  • Resources that you need to prepare for exams
  • A Japanese-speaking environment because sensei is Bilingual Japanese and English
  • Grammar and Kanji quizzes and weekly writing tasks
  • Feedback on your writing and Speaking
  • Help with school assessments
  • A fun and productive learning environment with peers who love Japan as much as you do!
  • Private lessons with Yuna are limited ($150ph)
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