Meet Yuna and her team.

We are a team of trained tutors and study coaches who want to bring out our students’ personal best and make learning relevant and enjoyable. We value relationships with our students, so we can better cater to their individual needs. (And, of course we’ve achieved top bands in our subjects.)

How do we ensure our quality of tutors?

HSC Tutors Sydney - YK Education

#1 YK-tutors are trained on evidence-based teaching strategies that have been proven effective to boost students’ progress.
*Note: A qualified secondary teacher studies for at least four years to learn how to teach. Hence, not all university students who received a 99.95ATAR can teach effectively.

#2 Yuna works with YK-tutors to develop the best customised learning program for each student.

Meet the YK-Team

HSC Maths Tutors

Leo (English Tutor)

  • HSC All-rounder, Advanced and Ext. 1 English
  • Arts/Law at UNSW

Live theatre
Obsessing over music 

Teaching constantly keeps me on my toes and engaged with my students, and the feeling of when students progress is incredibly rewarding

Warm and friendly – we regard every student as pure individuals.

HSC Maths Tutors

Bella Zheng (Maths Tutor)

  • Extension 1 and 2 Maths
  • Commerce/Law at UNSW

Listening to music, reading books

I enjoy getting to share my knowledge with others and to be able to make a positive impact on students.

YK is a warm and welcoming centre that continually fosters a supportive and inclusive environment.

HSC Maths Tutors

Eiliya Nasseri (Maths Tutor)

  • Top band in Extension 1 and 2 Maths
  • B. Quantum Engineering at UNSW

Tennis, reading, gym.

I can see the growth of a student over time, which is both glorifying and serves as a personal reminder of the slow yet eventual nature of success.

YK is very meticulous in the way it teaches students, and stands out by its ability to find weaknesses and fill them up.

HSC Tutors Sydney - YK Education

Keiko Doi (Japanese Tutor)

  • Top band Continuers and Ext. Japanese
  • Ex-YK student
  • BA.Advanced Studies

During my free time I enjoy watching movies at home, my personal favourite being the Indiana Jones series! I also love visiting museums about ancient history and art galleries with my friends.

During my tough high school years, I was inspired by the excitement and support my teachers and tutors brought into the classroom – a quality that sparked my early interest for teaching. Teaching a language gives me the joy of making a fun, creative and out-of-the ordinary program (anime is always a popular component!) which complements a student’s Japanese skills but also helps them expand their knowledge about the Japanese culture. Knowing that I could potentially help a student come to like and be excited to learn a language is another one of the greatest joys of teaching.

YK Education is an exciting and supportive place for both tutors and all students. As much as we strive to academically support students to reach their greatest potential, building relationships with other tutors and students always makes the place welcoming. It’s definitely one of a kind!

HSC Tutors Sydney - YK Education

Sienna Toggle (English Tutor)

  • Top band Adv English, Extension 1 English
  • Ex-YK Student
  • Speech Pathology at USYD

In my free time, I like listening to music, reading, baking, as well as watching dramas or movies. I like trying lots of new things and recently have been enjoying rollerblading as well! Although not as frequently, I also love travelling and exploring new places!

I love being able to guide students and assist them in achieving their personal bests. Being able to teach them valuable skills that will help with their studies and answering their questions, as well as seeing them improve over time is always rewarding.

YK Education offers an amazing tutoring experience. As an English tutor, I can appreciate how we tailor our tutoring for each student in order to create the best learning experience, as well as the emphasis on creating environments that are comfortable and welcoming for the students. As an ex-YK student as well I always felt comfortable during lessons at YK, and always looked forward to them.

HSC Tutors Sydney - YK Education

Tiffany Cheung (Maths Tutor)

  • Extension 1 and 2 Maths
  • B.Commerce, B.Information Systems at UNSW

In my spare time, I enjoy watching a variety of TV shows, including Western TV shows, and my personal favourites: Korean dramas, Chinese dramas and Anime. Coming from an Asian background, I love to watch Asian TV shows as a fun way to expose myself to different languages. I also enjoy my time away from the screen doing my next favourite thing: reading books.

Ever since high school, I have always loved helping my friends with problems related to Maths. I love teaching because it gives me the opportunity to help students improve not only academically, but also in their confidence and attitude towards learning. Being able to share my enthusiasm for maths and knowing the impact we make on a student’s learning makes teaching a really rewarding and enjoyable experience.

YK Education has built a very friendly and close-knit community where students and tutors develop close bonds with each other. Both students and tutors are able to thrive in the welcoming and supportive environment that YK Education provides, and in doing so, allows everyone to achieve their personal best. I always look forward to seeing the students every week and watching them grow into individuals who are more proactive in their learning!

HSC Tutors Sydney - YK Education

Annabelle Bak (English Tutor)

  • Top band Adv English, Extension 1 English
  • B.Architectural Studies at UNSW

When I’m not tutoring or studying, I can most likely be found enjoying my free time by sketching, reading and sometimes playing the piano. Although more recently, I’ve grown an interest in cooking and have been loving experimenting with new recipes and cuisines!

The most rewarding part of teaching in my opinion, is being able to witness the progress each student makes with every lesson first-hand. As a tutor, I love helping students grow more confident in themselves and helping them kindle a passion for English.

YK Education acts as a support network where students feel welcomed and inspired to learn. Thanks to YK Education’s combination of individual and group learning, students are able to develop strong bonds with their tutors and peers, working together as a team to reach their academic goals. As a result, YK Education radiates a strong sense of community which you can feel as soon as you walk into the centre. 

Gerard Louis (Maths Tutor)

  • Extension 1 and 2 Maths
  • B.Mechatronic Engineering at UNSW

In my free time I like to read, play games with friends and watch YouTube! Cooking videos are a particular favourite of mine, since I love exploring a variety of simple yet delicious dishes to cook. Outside of my course work, I also enjoy coding, playing around with simple programs and Arduino.

I view teaching as a very meanigful way to put my skills and knowledge to use – supporting younger students in achieving their academic goals. More than improving grades, tutoring is about developing students to learn independently, and I like the idea of having a positive long-term impact on the lives of others.

YK Education creates a friendly and casual yet focused teaching environment, dedicated entirely to the learning of individual students. The content tutors deliver is completely personalised to the students’ own school schedule and ability, maintaining strengths and improving weaknesses so students are well-rounded learners. It is a very welcoming environment where any student can feel supported and encouraged to do their best.

HSC Tutors Sydney - YK Education

Ian Tay (English & Maths Tutor)

  • HSC All-rounder Ext. 1 English and Ext. 1 Maths
  • Studying B.Commerce at USYD

Track and field ~100m sprints



Teaching is such a rewarding experience as I observe the growth of a student as he/she becomes more adept with English. Not only does the student become more knowledgeable, but I, as the tutor, get to impact another student’s learning experience in a positive way. Being able to share my appreciation for English and witnessing the impact that this has on the student makes teaching such an invaluable experience.

At YK education, one can truly feel the community that has been built through its student, tutors, and Yuna. The tutor and student bond is unparalleled, with such bond facilitating the realisation of the student’s potential. As every week passes, both the student and teacher looks forward to the lesson.

HSC English Tutors Sydney

Eesha (English Tutor)

HSC Tutors Sydney - YK Education

Jasmin (Maths Tutor)

Graduated Tutors
HSC Tutors Sydney - YK Education


  • North Sydney Girls HS
  • Barts in English and Ancient History at Sydney University
  • Honours at Sydney University

In my spare time I enjoy writing poetry and drawing. I’ve had a few poems published in different literary journals too! I’m also part of a student radio group at university, and host a music show with one of my friends.

I enjoy teaching because it allows me to not only impart my knowledge and skills to students, but I can also develop a bond with them. Over these past couple of years I’ve seen some students really grow and develop, and I’m proud to be part of that process. The one-on-one, hands-on aspect is so helpful to students who have difficulty keeping up in the class environment, and I’m happy to provide the learning strategies that can help students through their study.

YK Education is a great place for me to work. The outstanding aspect, I feel, is that we develop relationships between each other as staff and also with the students. This creates a warm atmosphere where students feel motivated to learn and unafraid to ask questions. As a staff member too, it’s great to know that I have Yuna’s support and expertise to fall back on, and I know that she truly cares about each one of us.

HSC Tutors Sydney - YK Education


  • North Sydney Girls High School
  • BEducation/BScience at the University of Sydney
  • Photography
  • Going on hikes
  • Bouldering
  • Finding new gelaterias to visit (I don’t think this counts as a hobby, but I’m going to pretend it’s one) 

From the support and encouragement I received from my Year 12 mathematics teacher, I was inspired to pursue a career in teaching. Teaching gives me the opportunity to help others, whether it’s breaking down a tricky maths problem for a student or letting know that it’s okay to take a nap (everything in moderation!). And at the end of the day, nothing is more rewarding than seeing your students leave the lesson feeling a little bit more confident and with a smile on their face.

YK Education is fun, warm & welcoming. Yuna and the other tutors are always supportive, and the students constantly surprise me (in the best possible way). I don’t think there’s ever been a day where I haven’t laughed while I’m here. I love coming into YK Education every week and I hope you will too! 

HSC Tutors Sydney - YK Education


  • Abbotsleigh
  • B Psychological Science at Monash University
  • Graduate Diploma of Psychology Advanced at Monash University

I have numerous creative outlets that I enjoy in my spare time some of which include creating content using various forms of media—photography, creative writing, short film.  To fully relax I enjoy reading, watching television films or movies, and practicing mindfulness in my daily life.

I was always very passionate about English as a subject all throughout primary and middle school. I enjoy teaching because it allows me to translate my love of creative fiction and other creative content and share it in a way that nurtures the student’s passion for the subject and to eventually foster a love for learning.

YK Education is everything I would have wanted as a student as it is a lovely and supportive environment that encourages both students and tutors to flourish. Yuna and the team make it an amazing place to work at and I fully appreciate the work that has gone into making YK Education what it is today. YK Education makes learning and teaching a productive and meaningful process that inspires each individual to teach and learn from one another.

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