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Prepare for Japanese Extension Essay writing and monologue with us.

Year 12 Extension Japanese

The YK Japanese Extension Tutoring Program assists students with:

  • Preparing for both Japanese essay writing and monologue 

  • Preparing for the HSC Japanese prescribed text 


The Extension Japanese HSC exam provides students with unseen questions but there are definitely ways to prepare for the assessments using the prescribed issues. Let us help you!




Impact of the past

For example:

People and places

Traditions and beliefs


For example:


Making choices

Hopes and dreams

For example:



City and country

How does YK Japanese Extension Tutoring Program prepare students for assessments?

  1. Access to a topic-by-topic list of vocabulary (e.g. vocabulary words useful to the topic: Hopes and dreams)

  2. Essays:
      1. Get sample essays for various questions on the prescribed themes

      2. Learn how to structure Japanese essays

      3. Write essays that revolve around prescribed issues. 

      4. Get feedback on your essay

3. Monologue:

    1. Learn how to structure a monologue

    2. Get feedback on Japanese monologue

4. Prescribed text study

      1. Get help with empathy task

HSC Japanese Extension Tutors
HSC Japanese Tutors Sydney

Past students have received NSW State rankings and you can do it too! 

YK Education equips students with the tools and skills to approach HSC Extension Japanese so they know exactly how to maximise their marks.

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Year 12 Japanese Extension Syllabus information

Year 12 HSC Extension Japanese Syllabus information

HSC Extension Japanese can be taken by students in Year 12 after they complete the preliminary HSC Japanese Continuers course. 


The Extension course builds upon the Japanese Continuers course and we strongly suggest that students complete the Year 11 YK Continuers program. 

Students will achieve the following syllabus objectives:

Objective 1 — present and discuss opinions, ideas and points of view in Japanese

Objective 2 — evaluate, analyse and respond to a text that is in Japanese and that reflects the culture of Japanese-speaking communities.

HSC Japanese Extension Tutors Sydney
HSC Tutors Sydney - YK Education

HSC Year 12 Japanese Extension

1.5 hours per week: Practice Exam questions, Feedback, Vocabulary Lists
$ 1000+GST Per Term
  • Tips, strategies, mindset to approach HSC Japanese
  • Practice exam questions
  • Feedback on your writing
  • Sample Essays
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HSC Year 12 Extension Japanese FAQs

  • 1. I prefer private lessons over group sessions. Can you do private lessons?

    We have limited number of spots for private lessons but it is possible. 


    That being said, ideas are equally as important as language skills for Extension Japanese so sharing ideas in Japanese with your peers is also a valuable learning experience. The monologue component of the assessment requires students to talk about a social issue in Japanese so ther is definitely a benefit to group lessons.

    If you prefer private lessons to get more one on one help on essay writing and monologue, we may be able to cater pending availability.


  • 2. I missed your Year 11 Japanese Continuers program but want to enrol in Year 12 Extension program. Can I still join?

    We can definitely help. Please book a consultation and we can chat about our options.


  • 3. I live far from St Leonards. Do you offer online lessons?

    Yes! We have a hybrid online/in-person lesson struture. That would be no problem at all. (Although, we do prefer to see our student's faces in person from time to time 🙂 )


  • 4. I'm interested. What should I do next?

    Thank you for trusting us! We would love to meet you for a consultation.

    Please call or text Yuna (0433 314 850) for a complimentary consultation or half-price trial.

    All lessons will be in an office in St Leonards (2 train stops from Chatswood)

    Or if you are far from St Leonards, simply join us online.

    Address: 4/50 Atchison Street, St Leonards NSW, Australia, 2065.

    Phone: 0433 314 850


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