YK Insights for HSC Students and Parents

Insights for year 7-10 Sydney students and all HSC students wanting more information on how to study and tips for making their high school and HSC years a success. Learn about future events at YK Education and HSC success tips to support your high school journey!

Whether you are learning Mathematics, English, Japanese, or other subjects, we’re certain that you’ll find some of our tips useful. 

Hear from HSC band 6 all-rounders, and advice from students who have achieved 95+ ATAR.

Feel free to comment if you have any questions or thoughts. We love sharing what we know.


Future events at YK Education and HSC Success Tips

How to stop procrastinating during the HSC

April Event in St Leonards: Secrets to beating Procrastination study workshop for Year 10, Year 11, Year 12 Students 「お勉強の先延ばし癖の改善方法」ホリデーワークショップ Day 1: Thursday 14th April

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