Japanese HSC Continuers Speaking Workshop

Take the last sprint before the HSC Speaking Exam!

When: 2 sessions during Term 3 Holidays (8 July to 21 July)

We are running an intense workshop for Japanese Continuers Speaking before the HSC examination on Saturday 31st August 2019.

 During the holiday workshop you will have opportunities to practice speaking and to refine your responses. Of course, you will also have opportunities to ask questions.

  1. Understand key exam techniques and what your markers want!

We will provide tips and guidance on how to prepare for speaking responses including content and pronunciation. 

  1. Practice with confidence

Become confident in talking about these main topics:

  • Personal Profile and hobbies
  • Friends and family
  • School and school life
  • Japan and travel
  • Driving
  • Part time job and work experience
  • Future plans
  • 2020 Olympic games in Japan

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