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Sandy Skeleton rose from her hiding spot and yelled, “I won’t allow you cruel creatures from harming my family!”

In the worse-case scenario, she will lose her life again but this time by the hands of humans. Though many do not know this, the humans who die on Skeleton Island receive a blessing and is given another chance to live.They unfortunately forget about their past life and cannot reproduce but at least they don’t need to eat or drink and they also don’t produce waste. They also cannot reproduce. Although they seem immortal, they still die when their heads are smashed and their bones are burnt to ashes.

“Sans, NO! You don’t need to help us! Just leave us here!” screamed Sunny, her close friend.

“No. I can’t live without you guys. I would rather die, protecting you,” answered Sandy.  A human roared charging towards her so she swung her sword to defend.


The smell of rain danced in the air, oblivious of the storm arising. The lively trees laughed at each other, and the white, bony skeletons relaxed near the trees. Peaceful was the only word to describe this place. Until the savages came.

The skeletons were squatting in a small, tight, dark cave, everyone shivering with fear. Many peered through the small crack in the wall, only to see the malicious monsters that came to destroy their home and loved ones. They knew that this hiding place won’t last long. Each minute passed like an hour.

“RUN! The humans found us!” someone screamed as they ran towards the back where the escape route was. No one even paid attention to those who couldn’t run. They were too busy running for their lives. Sans was also about to run when she heard a soft sob from Sunny.

“Please d-don’t leave…” , begged Sunny. Her hands were clenched around her crushed leg.

Sans heart broke. If she left, it meant death to all these skeletons here. She can’t leave. She didn’t want to lose her friends. She decided to fight for them. She took a deep breathe and grabbed a discarded sword. She swung it around courageously and took down some humans. Other skeletons witnessed her courage and will to protect. She was brave and strong. Just like a hero.


            Sans blocked the human’s attack and stole its weapon. She fiercely waved it around as other humans approached. Bright, red blood gushed all over, staining the ground. Better blood than shattered bones, mused Sans. Looking at the corner of her eye, she saw her skeleton friends hesitating. Then, one by one, others appeared back from the escape route. San’s brave actions gave them courage and brought them back. One of them, whispered, “I’ll protect too!”

“Me too!”

“Count me in!”

All who were hiding behind her were now standing proudly next to her. A wide grin formed on San’s bony face.

“Let’s do this!”Sans grabbed the scattered weapons and handed them to her friends.

Eventually, the skeletons’ fierce counterattack, forced the humans to retreat.

Sans jumped onto a large grey rock and cleared her voice to attract the attention of the crowd. “First of all, I would like to thank you all for participating in this celebration. I would also like to thank you for joining me in battling against the humans. Please enjoy the party!” The music started and the crowd danced. Laughters filled up the sky, as the old, wise skeletons told others about their journeys. The party lasted until dawn and the day ended. Everyone was tired from the celebration so they slept deeply.

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